Pixiwoo Face – Book Of The Day

The books that tell makeup, skincare, hair styles & co. are not only beautiful to browse and to show off to guests, are fantastic for get inspired and learn new techniques and tips, from one page to the other. for example, tonight you have a social event to attend and you have already decided what to wear but you still have doubts about makeup and hairstyles, definitely our book of the day could be an inspiration. And what about today and Mardi Gras you’ll definitely need an artistic makeup and well designed for this evening.
Pixiwoo, Face. This is a book unlike any other makeup. First of all, its authors are the Chapman sisters – and if you happened to see a video of theirs on YouTube, you probably know why That makes a difference. Secondly, there are tutorials so good and well done and That it almost feels like watching a video still. Their photos of step-by-step instructions really make Their books  friendly and simply to follow their explications. If you want to refresh your technique, and try out a new look, go ahead and add this to your collection.m


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