Where To Eat In Milan During The Fashion Week

When you are in Milan during the fashion week, and you are looking for a bar or a restaurant where to eat good food just a little bit outside the most popular places, you have to look beyond the fashion district.

In Milan, the fashion streets are truly dotted with lots of  trendy locals with no secrets, during Fashion Week, even the most inaccessible building of the city is open to parties and fashion events where you can meet influencers, bloggers, sociality. In recent editions, museums such as the Poldi Pezzoli, Palazzo Morando or the Triennale, are recurring on the calendar and the many boutiques and showrooms located between Montenapoleone, and La Scala, have helped to transform the private and intimate atmosphere , the gardens and courtyards of Milan become popular social destinations.
Now, the point is, the real trend is searching something much closer to the real city, little hidden places (but not too much) just a little out of the way, the typical restaurants and bars of the simple meeting place, one where you take your coffee and then off to work.

We give you some tips about where to eat in Milan during the Fashion Week.

Just nearby  Brera, an aperitif in really Parisian style, the Fioraio Bianchi, is a retro small oasis where the delicacies of the menu toggles the scent of flowers for sale.


With its room of the tapestries and the simplicity of the cuisine, Trattoria Torre di Pisa, Via dei Fiori Chiari in Brera, has enchanted models and stylists, from Veruska to Marisa Berenson, from Ferré to Nino Cerruti; it’s a real cult for those who love the unexpected encounters.


Even Italian atmosphere, yet retro, this time artfully recreated, the Mag, on Naviglio Grande, for whom, finished shows, want to enjoy an evening with friends in one of the places of Milan’s nightlife.


100% Italian style, a little out of the fashion district, the Bar Basso in Città Studi deserves at least one visit. For the cocktail passionate: the Wrong Negroni was born here!


Impossible not to pass in front of the Il Salumaio, at  least once during Fashion Week, impossible not to be groped for the beauty of the first-century Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi spaces that host the bistro.


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