Chili peppers Jam -Taste It With Fresh Cheese

February, month we dedicated to Love and couples are coming to the end.
Once a week we presented you a spicy and aphrodisiac recipe with which to impress your partner and conquer him or her through your culinary skills.
Today we propose a recipe that comes from the wonderful and warm region of Calabria: Chili peppers jam. This jam is perfect with a platter of mixed cheeses, fresh cheeses are particularly suitable.

Well we gave you some suggestions regarding good food that can help you  to seduce your partner. The rest is up to you and your seduction power.

Chili peppers 200gr
red bell peppers 800gr
sugar 500gr
Fine salt 1 pinch
Red wine 50ml


Wash and dry the peppers and cut the top. Cut them in half lengthwise and remove seeds and white filaments. Finally, cut them into small PIeces. Now do the same thing with the chili peppers, making sure to wear a pair of gloves. Put peppers and chilies in a large pot and add sugar, salt and wine and cook over low heat.

Cover with a lid, leaving a vent for the steam and cook for an hour. Meanwhile proceed to sanitizing jars and caps. After an hour turn off the heat and put everything in the food mill to get a puree.  Re-cook the puree obtained for other 30 min. until the jam will not become dense. When the jam will be dried and there will be no trace of liquid, it will be ready.

At this point you can transfer it into jars and eat it later, or even better,  let cool it and serve with good fresh cheese, a perfect dish for a dinner with finger foods with your partner.

Have a nice evening!



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