Aquaflor – Florence Exclusive Lifestyle & Travel Experience

Who does not love Firenze? And who has never been to Florence or those who have never dreamed to visit it? Think about that also for us, tuscan people, Florence is always a surprise. We never stop to discover its hidden treasures, its beauties and its many possibilities to spend a perfect day and make new cultural and lifestyle experiences.
When we have the opportunity to go to Florence, we love so much to visit Aquaflor Firenze, this is the place where you can spend hours and hours. Hidden Atelier in the heart of Florence but once you are just inside the door you fill like in another time.


Silenio Cheloni, Maitre Perfumier, led impeccably the Florentine perfumerie, Aquaflor creates perfumes for all tastes. The workmanship is completely handmade and implementation takes about a year. Every production is different and unique: the bottom fragrance is the same, but each production notes and nuances that change according to different vintages.
This is one of the reasons for why, if you are in Florence you can’t miss the opportunity to visit Aquaflor.


Last time we visited Aquaflor with a very exclusive tour with great professional staff, and we discover and learn a lot about this amazing perfume boutique by the charm of yesteryear, located in the historical Palazzo Corsini Antinori just in the city center .

Here you can chose between several great sensorial experiences.
Would you like to create your own perfume? This is a truly exclusive . The perfumer Sileno Cheloni will guide you in this extremely customized journey. Your perfume have talk about you, and tell who you are. Sileno will speak with you between a cup of tea, a rare essence, and precious raw materials, and he will create with you your very unique fragrance. It could be the most exclusive “souvenir” of Florence!

Aquaflor Materie.jpg

Or probably you prefer to taste perfumes? This experience takes you to explore the Atelier, the history of the old Palazzo and of the traditional Florentine perfumery. You will visit the laboratory with a demonstration of products and production phases of perfume, and you will meet the master perfumer,  you learn from him the olfactory tasting techniques. At the end of the visit you will enjoy a relaxing tea/ coffee time at Aquaflor.

Among all the opportunity to experience Acquaflor we decided to create our own ambient fragrance for Well Done! It was such amazing experience!



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