Prada Modular Design – The New Concept Retail

For its stores in London and Monte Carlo, Prada has created a new and innovative layout: Modular design. This concept store is formed by more interchangeable modular elements and, in turn, combined with each other. An ever new and original look at all times and for each product by Prada! A new concept of interior design with which the Italian fashion brand presents itself in London and the French boutique store with a new look.

Prada handbag concession in Harrods.


The first to be renovated is been the boutique in the department store Harrods. Unique wall decorations and colorful furnishings for shop 140sqm in London. On the walls there are graphic motifs in the Romantic style reproducing the works of the Italian engraver Giovanni Battista Piranesi. A touch of femininity reflected on the floor which contrasts with the neutral shades of the walls.  The checkered carpets in black and pink  create geometric patterns on the ground.  The velvet seats, designed by Osvaldo Borsani, are perfectly matching colors. Stools, chairs and sofas in shades of strawberry pink, were designed exclusively for Prada.

A modular design ad hoc for women’s accessories (such as jewelery, leather, and for the Cahier bag) exposed on velvet trays and on elegant desks made of glass and steel.

Prada handbag concession in Harrods.Prada handbag concession in Harrods.


In London leather accessories and items are the masters. In 170sqm of the boutique in Montecarlo,  ladies can find shoes and clothes. Inside colors are the same, as well for the furnishings, the decorations on the walls and the geometric patterns for the  carpets. At the entrance, large screens welcome visitors and transmit images of the new collections and related Prada projects.

In 2015 with Corners, the design concept by Martino Gamper, Prada had exalted their windows with perspective lines, natural materials and contrasts. Later in 2016 the brand focussed the attention on the shopping experience concept inside the Plaza 66 in Shanghai. Then with this latest project, the Prada modular design, it appears again with a new and captivating imagine. We can say a shop-in-shop where the shopping experience is unique and different every time.

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