Black Cats or Mini-Panthers?

If we want to talk about black cats inevitably we have to talk about superstition. And what better day then Friday 17th?

For much of the English-speaking world, actually, the unlucky day for excellence is Friday 13th, but the Italian tradition of Friday 17th is rooted in Christian culture. According to the New Testament in fact, Jesus died on Friday, while according to the Old Testament 17 It is the day when the great flood came.

Superstition that blacks cats would be holders misfortune has its roots in the Middle Ages. At that time we moved by the carriage, the streets at night were dark and it happened that in the dark, shining eyes of cats scared the horses. Thus it spreads the rumor that the cats were “emissaries of the devil”. Afterwards Pope Gregory IX in 1200 declared the blacks cats as beloved companions of witches. Since that time the cats were sacrificed in the belief that killing them would keep the demons away.

After more hundreds of years, even today blacks cats are victims of discrimination. A black cat has less and less chance of being adopted. Luckily the black cat is not frowned upon all over the world, but there are many countries where this elegant feline is considered a real talisman. In England, for example a black cat is a real lucky.

Temperamentally the blacks cats are very docile and adorable, of course, these are general considerations, each animal, in this case the cat then his character.
Anyway all blacks have in common a great charm and innate elegance thanks that their black fur radiates to every step they took. Undoubtedly that aura of mystery and magic that they bring with them, makes us admire more these wonderful animals. Beyond any stupid superstition, they give us lots of love and a sincere friendship.

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