Carrie Fisher The Warrior Princess – Behind The Scenes

Among The many stars of which 2016 has taken off there is Carrie Fisher, known as Princess Leia Organa of Star Wars. On December 27 2016 Carrie had been affected by an heart attack while she was flying from London to Los Angeles. It seams like the “black death” has hit suddenly on The galactic Empire of Alderaan.

Being a Star Wars fan, I could only find the similarities between the disappearance of Carrie and the famous saga!!!

But it would be simplistic to relegate the career of Carrie to star universe of Lucas. She has fought a lot not only on set, but above all in her life. Daughter of most popular America’s sweetheart Debbie Reynolds, and singer Eddie Fisher, she was grown up among the Hollywood stars.

She started acting very young and she has been a worldwide success when she was only 19 years old with “Star Wars”.

The popularity had become so much heavy and Carrie fall in the use of drugs and alcohol.
The bad relationship that Carrie had with his mother has not help her to face chaos in which she had fallen

For Debbie, who came from a different era, when in Hollywood some bad habits were held hidden, to have a daughter who constantly ends on tabloids because her abuse, was a a big shame to bear.

A life without rules that culminates when she was only 24, when a bipolar mood disorder has been diagnosed to Carrie. Carrie did not accept her bipolarity and refused it she tried to avoid her problems, at 28 years she finished in overdose.

It was the moment of a change. She entered in rehab and tried to put together all the pieces of her life. Thanks to her irony, Carrie decided to face her demons. Te best ways was to talking about it. She brought to the fore the most fragile side of the “Princess”. She wrote a book “Postcards From The Hell”, from this book it was made the movie with Meryl Streep, in which tells the life in rehab, with all the doubts and fears of a a daughter grew up in the shadow of a too intrusive mother.

Just in the words of Doris (her mother’s name in the book) to Suzanne (Carrie in the book) “I came from nothing and made something of my life, you come from something and you did not do anything about yours”. So she explains the complexity of a mother-daughter relationship, that later will become, after acceptance by both part of their personality, a lovely symbiosis.

But there was still one hurdle to overcome: her bipolarity.
She learned to know and to managed it, but still lot a people live with this illness, What did Carrie? She wrote a screenplay that told a series of embarrassing, tragic and absurd incidents, which shaped her life, because of illness. She took on the stage her problems, and she was able to face public even this “monster”, she helped many people to go out of the shame and accept themselves for who they are.

Carrie has never hidden what she was, for better or for worse. She admitted that she was a terrible girl: drugs, alcohol, elettrochoc, a cigarette after another but she never missed an opportunity to talk about her emotional damage. Till the end she did not gave up to her irony: after her death her ashes were collected in an urn in the shape of prozac pill. It was a clear message!

After a life of ups and downs, years of bickering like an old married couple, not even death was able to break the strong link with the mother.

Debbie, 24 hours later, has reached Carrie in her last journey. “I Just want to stay with Carrie “ These were her last words.

I grew up with Carrie. When my girlfriends dreamed the crystal slipper and a Charming Prince, I was dreaming to be a warrior princess who fell in love with a charming mercenary and lived a thousand dangerous adventures. I saw her fall and rise stronger. She taught me to fight and never give up, as well she taught me to appreciate myself.

Thank you Princess!

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