Supermodels Boyfriends

Love is a wonderful thing, everybody knows that. Meanwhile, because when you’re two difficulties are halved and joys – usually – doubled, and because there is someone who reminds you always because you’re beautiful and special, somebody who takes care of you when you’re ill and in the morning It brings you even breakfast in bed. True, it takes commitment and many sacrifices, but after all it’s worth. At least most of the time, at least on Valentine’s Day.

The day of lovers should alarm especially singles, the eternal spinster. But many women happily coupled declare they are not interested in celebrating February 14; that much is a day like any other, which is commercial, and nothing else Ok, it’s true, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of consumerism. So? There is nothing wrong with receiving red roses and chocolates, or purses and jewelry, from someone who loves you.

Do you believe that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik will not exchange gifts? You are convinced that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have not organized a romantic evening? Or Bianca Balti and Matthew Mcrae have not organize a romantic dinner out? Well, supermodels are not afraid of Valentine’s Day, indeed. Waiting for this day with the iPhone 7 in hand, ready to instagrammar the best of the day and earn the title of #BestSocialCouple.

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