Welcome Back Chain Belt – Bella Hadid made It Trendy Again

In the ’80s, chain belts reigned supreme. They more closely mirrored our jewelry than traditional belts, and women didn’t worry if their pants actually stayed Mup (chains were draped over dresses and skirts as decoration, too). In the ’90s, the look took a turn toward more hardcore, punk iterations, with wallet chains giving outfits an edgier vibe.

Chain belt was originally born to keep safe keys or wallet during intensive nights.

Now the chain belt is back. And, as in decades past, we’re adorning our pants, skirts, and even dresses with them as though they were jewelry. (Sometimes we’re even wearing them as necklaces, too.) Ahead, we’ve rounded up all the modern-day iterations to buy before everyone else catches on. While some of them can actually keep our pants in place, it’s definitely not a prerequisite. Bottoms up (or not)!


Bella Hadid made Chain Belt trendy again. She worn it with stripes pants and a basic tee, and high heels, or you can make to look e en cooler with a vintage jeans and booties.



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  1. It looks very stylish

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