Vair SPA In Puglia – A Romantic Escape For Valentine’s Day

Did you already think where to spend a couple of days with your boyfriend/girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? We think a romantic and relaxing escape will be a super idea! And VAIR spa is an enchanting destination.


We give you a great tip! After our journey to Puglia, in southern Italy, we had the pleasure to spend some days at Borgo Egnazia, a fabulous  resort in Fasano, enjoying the relaxing and regenerating atmosphere of VAIR. The spa is a modern novel set in the enchantment of the Pugliese background, the benefit that you will feel is complete, what is offered here is a philosophy that delights your body, mind, and soul. This is a concept of wellbeing destination.and just inside the resort there is the VAIR spa, the most luxury spa retreat in Puglia. The Holistic spa is the exclusive details that can make  your romantic escape  more perfect.



VAIR spa was awarded with as “World Best spa 2016”.


Vair means “truth” in the local dialect, and it is the “true being” what you can find at the Vair Spa, the temple dedicated to the care of body and soul that occupies 2,000 square meters within Borgo Egnazia.

Belive us Vair offers you a a rich and great menu: you can taste either the mesmerizing treatments a la carte and feel suddenly regenerated or taste whole programs that intensely take your life to new and unexpected levels.
A custom itinerary inside the SPA makes your experience in Vair even more extraordinary. Vair does change you, profoundly. With its soul made of amazing people, beautiful horizons and real emotions.
The Team lines up therapists, masseurs, psychologists, naturopaths, musicians, dancers, actors, sportsmen that create harmony and a welcoming atmosphere made of profound and spontaneous sharing.
Get comfortable, and share this unique experience at Vair with your partner! Make your Valentine’s Day memorable!!!


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