Raf Simons X Calvin Klein – First Look

Is there anyone more chameleontic then Raf Simons? Is there another designer who manages to get so much in feeling with a brand to identify himself and giving it a more current version? After Jil Sander and Dior, Simons arrives at Calvin Klein with the difficult task of giving new luster to this historic brand made in the USA. Always linked to art and its protagonists, this time Simons asked his friend Sterling Ruby to create the perfect setting for her first fashion show for Calvin Klein. As a compelling TV series, here Ruby reinterprets the country stars and stripes in a trilogy. If Simons was a director his film would be nominated for an Oscar, moreover its debut for Calvin Klein confirms not only the talent of the designer, but his personal version of the times we are going through. Not a simple show of objectively beautiful clothes, but a real tribute to America. “This collection represents America, the melting pot of different cultures, of different codes and styles that coexist in this continent,” he said in the show notes. A co-ed in which the ready-to-wear men’s and women’s collection live with and take look after look, the incisiveness of a show: clothes that become uniform where workwear meets western, folk sci-fi, and the urbanweaf turns into the tailoring.  The result is a feast for the eyes and gets to the heart: sheath dresses dubbed plastic, pants with stripes, feather clothes and total look in denim…this is the new era of Ck by Raf Simons.

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