How To Wear It: Puffers A Celeb Trend

How to wear it? Is our new weekly column and we want to give you some tips  for the right choice of your week-end’s look. Today our attention has been captured by puffers. They had not been so much worn from 80s 90s.

When it’s cold the only solution to avoid freezing temperatures is wearing a warm wrapping puffer. However we must be honest, the puffer is one of the greatest enemies of the look. It is not easy to wear it in the right way without penalizing the look, it can make clumsy figure, do to blows with shoes or accessories you want to wear.

Not easy, but not impossible: through the look that we have collected here  we want to show how to wear well puffer. And between the celebs it is became a trend. We can learn from them How to wear it.
Taking a look to Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jourdan Dunn and many other trendsetters, we can assume Puffer is a statement piece !

Mini-puffer jacket by Moschino, which takes up the shape of the classic suit, is one of the most popular this season. Jourdan Dunn  wears leggings with leather effect and boots



For Liv Tyler medium length, fur profiles, worn on a hoodie with cross shoulder bag by Valentino. All with leggings and sneakers.


For Sarah Jessica Parker a light beige puffer combined with 90s style jeans, medium heels and a soft beanie.




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