Roger Vivier Love Tattoo Collection

We all  dream of being able to fly and when we are in love is just as we had wings. Roger Vivien has created a Love Tattoo collection dedicated to hearts and wings “Wings of Love”


The red of the heart and the word “Love”, with an impertinent design and a effortless style, flutter with joy on shoes, bags and accessories, and characterise the day of love, Roger Vivier’s  Valentine’s Day. A graphic design, like a heartbeat and the striking of love, lends emotion to Roger Vivier’s classic models. Sneaky Viv’ and Pilgrim Clutch, sneakers and ballerinas are all delightfully enhanced by the passage of hearts and wings. The collection is available on 

Surely each of the pieces of Love Tattoo collection would be welcome gifts For Valentine’s day. Pieces to wear for this spring summer, and for those who thought that the collection can be very “sugary”, try to imagine the sneakers or ballerina flat with a pair of vintage Levi’s and a simple t-shirt! Well Done Loves “Love Tattoo” Collection !




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