Jared Leto a Multi-Faced Star Between Peter Pan & Modern Dorian Gray

Actor, singer, philanthropist,entrepreneur, film director… one hundred ten Jared Leto. Eternal Peter Pan or a modern Dorian Gray? 45 years man, recently turned, Leto doesn’t stop to amaze his fans.

Without taking away anything to his well-known skills as a singer and actor, thanks to these skills he gained  a worldwide fame, there is a less known aspect of Jared Leto and his life, but not less  important: philanthropy and social engagement. Convinced vegetarian, Jered from 2013 is ambassador of the WWF, with whom he visited some areas of Africa to focalize the media attention on the problem of poaching and the risk of extinction of several animals.

“The goal”, says Leto, “is bring attention to this huge risk to ecosystems”.

His great commitment has not departed from receiving much criticism at the release of the film “Suicide Squad ” when it was spread that, to plunge totally in his role, Jered delivered very special gifts, the other actors of the cast …. gifts including a lmouse and more … questionable choice surely, but perhaps not the case to feel offended by this striking gesture knowing his maniacal will to plunge with all his heart, soul and body, the character, attributing this gesture more to Joker than to himself.

After the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, he went there where he realized a photo book with the aim to collect founds to help local people.

Passionate climber, sometimes, Jered give himself an escape to climb  mountains documenting his sporting achievements with photos that spread on social networks.

His life has been not so easy. Son of a single mother, he knows well problems that women have to face up everyday to be able to succeed in this society that don’t protect enough women’s right and to support them.

Jared is big supporter of the “Pink Power” movement, for this reason Leto blatantly expressed his opinion in favor of women occupying relevant positions and thanks to this some women have a chance to make a change for “women’s world”.

Surely Jared’ s childhood has contributed to the development of his ideas in supporting  women. the actor does not hide that what  opened his mind understanding women’s universe, was the role played in the film DALLAS BUYERS CLUB for which was awarded with the Oscar. For the interpretation of his character, as well as having had to lose a lot of weight, Leto had undergone a full depilation to identify themselves as much as possible with the female body. Also he said that this great transformation had increased his estimate for women, and with this experience he had fallen into a completely different state of mind.

In short, Jared Leto is revealed to be a multi-faceted character, exuberant and with strong media impact. Not just this, he is even a man attentive to the problems of our society without fear of expressing his ideas and his own personality. Also going against the moralist current.

Do you love him or you hate him ?

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