First Look -H&M New Conscious Collection

Continuing their quest for a more conscious company, H&M give us a preview of their new Conscious Exclusive collection – made entirely from plastic waterways and shorelines. And unlike the usual conscious collections, the line uses a new bionic yarn fabric, which is not only super soft but can be used for almost any type of garment.

Amongst the mix, this is absolutely a stunning powder pink pleated ball-gown, which Supermodel Natalia Vodianoava is wearing in the campaign. And just from one look, you would never think this dress is literally made from plastic bottles. It’s really incredible!


According to the words of  Natalia “It’s amazing to see the advances in sustainable fabrics that are used in the collection, pointing towards a more sustainable future for all fashion,”

The collection will feature in over 150 stores worldwide, andincludes a full women’s collection but will also incorporate kids’ clothing too. The aim of H&M Conscious collection is to explain that it’s possible to design beautiful eco-Conscious pieces using sustenable materials like for this beautiful Bionic Dress. 


First look: H&M’s new eco-conscious collection is all part of H&M’s crusade are to a more sustainable future in the fashion world. The company have already started producing all their clothing made from 20% sustainable materials, and are aiming for 100% cotton that’s been sustainably sourced by 2020.
The collection will be available from April 20, 2017 in selected stores.

What could we say? This is an extraordinary example of design high-tech knowledges and innovative concept. Well Done !

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