Look of Day: Bottega Veneta S/S 2017 Beyond Fashion

This is the first article of our new weekly column Look of the Day.
We decided to start with a  look by Bottega Veneta, designer we love from a timeless style.

The spring-summer 17 collection at first sight seams to be simple, hides and at the same time enhances the savoir faire of the Bottega Veneta craftsmen, that whispered luxury of which the brand is synonymous . This collection is made up of simple, loose clothing that become special and unique.  Nothing more simple and at the same time elegant, then a light and floating dress matched  with knitwear ton-sur-ton. It’s all about basic combinations, essential elements of a binary luxury made of precious materials and expert workmanship. According with the words of the designer “The difficulty to dedign them is invisible to the eye and the result is a pleasure to wear.” A feeling we know well,  women who love to dress Bottega Veneta next summer will wear dress, suits and skirts ’50 inspired.. timeless pieces that go beyond fashion … because the real luxury today is hidden in the folds of a skirt … or in the lining of a trench.


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