Top 5 Green Houses – Home 2.0

We want to take you to discover the Top 5 Green Houses, but first let’s talk about eco-friendly concept.

In the last few years the interest in our ecosystem has been growing and the most advanced technologies are working to find better solutions that help us to live more consciously, but without giving up comfort, design and high-tech.
Design an eco-friendly homes, we like to call them a Green Houses (or Home 2.0), requires specific knowledges of experienced industry professionals: architects and engineers to guide us in choosing the most appropriate materials and interior designers who propose us eco-friendly furniture.

In this concept of the project, special attention is directed towards the appliances, these are responsible for the greatest environmental impact. Everyday,24/7, we ask our appliances to meet all of our needs. Today all big companies working on eco-friendly projects able to offer at the same time great performances.
Surely in the management of a House 2.0 can not miss the use of smartphones. Lots of App are born to manage our home: allow us to activate and deactivate the devices, adjust the heating or receive a notification if we forgot the lights on.

Definitely these homes are designed to live in harmony with the environment, are often of high architectural knowledge, where the inside and the outside are connected to each other through great relationships that expand the boundaries of the house connecting the living area with the surrounding natural ambient is that it is sea, lake, mountains or countryside.
Live in one of these houses – where more and more aesthetics and comfort meet the sustainability and innovation – is a privilege that many would enjoy. Wonderful modern villas, these residences are dream homes perfect for relaxation that redefine the concept of luxury instead of tying it to the welfare ostentation. Let’s go and discover Top 5 Green Houses all around the world.

Country House in Puglia designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini, located among olive and pine trees.


Fully integrated into the vegetation and built with km 0 materials,  this is the holiday home in Chile, ideal for lovers of the green and unspoiled places.


The third house is a country house with stables located in Valle de Bravo in Mexico, it is built with recycled materials to reduce environmental impacts.


It is located in California, in a completely different scenario, but no less impressive, the Oak Pass villa built on the top of a natural park not far from Beverly Hills.


With the latest project we return Italy, in Piedmont. The Villa is build in a green area up on the hills.


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