How Facebook Changes Journalism

Journalism in recent years has changed very quickly. Facebook and other social networks have incorporated news, business, personal stories, entertainment services, and political campaigns. The experts of communication and politics ask Facebook new systems to intercept and neutralize the false news. But the match, of the US giant, is just beginning. At least the Director of Product Fodji Simo is giving interviews to explain the guidelines of Facebook Journalism Project.

Simo explained that Facebook will do its part to make increasingly informed and connected users. The values of the social network to share ideas are fully compatible with the world of news and journalism system, which is why in the future we will establish stronger links between Facebook and journalism. Facebook, therefore, develop new products and learning from journalists working with publishers, by engaging on three fronts. The first is related to the collaborative development of news with new storytelling formats: flash articles, stories, and local news. The second front is training for journalists, with e-learning courses in nine languages, and a certificate of studies with Poynter program, Facebook partners. The third front of the Project Facebook Journalism Project is a training for non-journalists, educators and researchers to fight the false information.

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