3 Top Healthy Trends For 2017

What are healthy lifestyle trends for 2017? We are keeping an eye on the world of wellness. It is a global trend out there already, anyway: it is very difficult for the most lazy people too, who love their movie marathons on the sofa , to get away without feeling the need to practice some sort of sport, or at least to improve their daily life, by improving their habits. On a practical level, there are several practices that are becoming more and more widespread within the crazy world of wellness, that will become very popular this year. Here are the 3 trends for 2017.

Detox soup


Detox soup is a valid alternative to the detox smoothies or Jodi E specially in the cold winter. The idea of having something warm is better in this season, and if they help you to stay fit. You can prepare them a few days ahead. This kind of detox will be helpful for those who worry they would starve with juices only, and as if that weren’t good enough already, it will also allow us to choose from delicious recipes that will satisfy foodie needs, too.



Meditation is the second trend of 2017 we would talk about. Few minutes of daily meditation can truly be a great gift you give yourself. It doesn’t have to be part of a yoga practice, although of course that would be a very good match – meditation is considered to be a self-healing practice in its own right, nowadays. Consistency is everything, so create reminders that will help you remember to practice everyday. You easily find meditation App on your iPhone or iPad, and for whom has an Apple Watch, can use their specific notifications that will remind to stop, take some time for you and just breath.



Celebrities (and non) love Yoga, like Jessica Alba and Isabel Goulart, just to mention two names, really love this practice. Our Instagram feeds are full of yoga photos and videos that look like they were shot during yoga practice and yoga classes. This discipline has an edge over others because as it means find the balance between your body your mind and your soul. I am a yoga addicted! It’s not easy, though, far from it: it requires strong muscles, and body and spatial awareness too, but it can really give you great aesthetic results, great balance and wellness for your mind. I started to practice yoga about three years ago in a wellness center, now is part of my daily routine.

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