Pomegranates Homemade jam

How many of you love to pick these beautiful and precious red fruits? Pomegranates is known for their amazing healthy powers.

Pomegranate is a thick skinned super seedy fruit, with a brilliant red hue which is now touted as a wonder fruit by scientific researchers. The name pomegranate derives from the French word “pomegranate” or seeded apple. They are believed to have originated in Turkey and brought to Egypt where it was not only revered as an important food source but was also widely used for its healthy value.


To tell you the truth, even tough Turkey is one of the native lands of this precious fruit, I have never heard of pomegranate jam or came across it in a jar in a supermarket aisle before. So I wondered, why don’t we choose to preserve pomegranates? Don’t they deserve to be bathed in sugar just like any other fruit? I still don’t know.

But there is one thing I’m sure of: I will be preserving pomegranates for the rest of my life. The result was fantastic. So much so that I now claim this jam to be the most delicious jam that I’ve ever tasted. It is even better than the cherry jam my friend’s mom prepares that smells like chocolate.

Here the recipe.


2,5 L. Pomegranate’s juice
1,5 Kg Sugar
5-6 Apples
2 Lemons

To obtain 2.5 liters of pomegranate juice you will need about 3.5 kg of seeds The preparation of the ingredients is the longest part, peel the pomegranate requires a lot of patience.


Passed with a food mill the pomegranate seeds and collect the juice in a pot for the stove. Cook pomegranate juice over medium heat and meanwhile prepare the other ingredients:

With vegetable peeler, remove the lemon zest, being careful to take only the yellow part. Press the lemons and shall gather the juice in a bowl.

It’s not necessary to peel the apples, especially if they come from organic agriculture. Cut into 4 pieces, then cut apples into smaller pieces. As you cut the apples, add them to the pomegranate juice during cooking.

Add the lemon juice, the sugar and the lemon zest. Continue cooking with medium heat, stir occasionally with a wooden spoon. Only after an hour and a half of cooking, turn off, let cool and pass the jam with a hand blender. Finish cooking and when the jam has reached the desired consistency, finish and fill the jars.

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