Shia Labeouf : “He will not divide us”permanent installation

Wednesday, January 25 Shia Labeouf was arrested by New York police for assault. The actor, in protest against the election of Donald Trump, has created a permanent installation (it should remain active for the next four years) near the Museum of the Moving Image. The structure consists of a panel with a camera that makes it possible for anyone who wants to, streamed live, to utter the phrase, “He Will Not Divide Us” . According to reports from TMZ, the star of Transformers, ¬†assaulted a 25 year man who would be saying approached LaBeouf: “Hitler did not anything wrong.” The actor was arrested a few hours later just before installation. Several post on twitter ¬†of `HeWillNotDivideUs’ have mentioned it, with attached video in which we see the live streaming of protest and an inscription:” Shia was arrested by police in New York because of this video #HeWillNotDivideUs #freeshia

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