Lucca in 48 Hours: what see,what do and what eat

We never stop to discover Italy, or to discover the place where we live and where we were born. For me Lucca is not only “home” but a special place where you can fall in love at first sight. Small town located in the heart of Tuscany, a chest that has a really important historical and cultural heritage. A city still close to man, just think that is enclosed in a 4 km of well-preserved walls, definitely one of the main attractions. Here life is still “slow”, no frenzy, no runs, you can still see people chatting on the street, we still finds time for a coffee between errands and here we move inside the town only by bike or on foot. Coming from the big city seems almost surreal!
Lucca is not just art and history, although it has a lot, but also excellent cuisine and many and secret placeand see, and many unique things to do. 48 hours are not to much but I give you some tips to experience Lucca in tow days. Remember that there are two ways to learn about Lucca: like a tourist or like a local. Here my favorites of Lucca from a genuine local. 


Piazza Anfiteatro

Originally Amphitheatre, the center of the show, born out of the Roman city, is one of the places in the center of city life and the very symbol of Lucca, a unique elliptical square, the existence Theatre of Lucca, enclosed by medieval houses and, despite the passing of millennia, still alive and witnessed countless changes. Amphitheatre square is now a meeting place, full of small, delicious restaurants, coffees and wine bars, the ideal place to enjoy a coffee or drink and delight in the “people watching”.


Cathedral of St. Martin

Lucca Cathedral, is one of the oldest  and interesting churches in all of Tuscany. Being so in front of the beautiful facade can not without to enter. The cathedral preserves  precious works of art, to name a few: the painting “The Last Supper” Of Tintoretto, the famous tomb of Ilaria del Carretto, in beautiful white marble by Jacopo Della Quercia, and at last but not the least, the Holy Face.


Guinigi Tower

If you want the best view of this city you’ll have to climb up this tower. And I assure you that you will be surprised! To make unique the Guinigi Tower is the presence of a small roof garden right on top of it. You just have to take a big breath and climb the 230 steps to enjoy a breathtaking view over the rooftops of Lucca. The most beautiful skyscraper of Italy!



The walls

Lucca is known, it boasts a unique city wall. This is one of the beloved places of local people. The wonderful walk, about 4 km, on top of the walls, is ideal for running, cycling, bring the dogs for a walk, or relax on a bench reading a book. And not only that, the vast gardens created on powerful bastions are perfect to practice yoga outdoors. So do not forget to put in your suitcase also the sporty  shoes!


Via Fillungo

The shopping street. A real open-air shopping center. Here you  find everything from the most famous fashion brands, to local craft shops, and for the most gourmand chocolate and local products shop, really  boutiques of flavors.


And here are my tips about shopping:

Local Fashion

Mignon Accessories: a family-run and truly well-stocked boutique in Lucca here you will find bags, shoes and accessories of the most important fashion brands (Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Miu Miu and more)


Zazzi: Lucca was well known for the silk production, throughout Europe already past. Entering this boutique you can not do without  buying one of the wonderful and unique scarves, handcrafted by this local company.



Concreta: another local craft highlight is definitely the ceramic. Plates, vases, ornaments, designed and made entirely by hand in the typical Tuscan tradition. Here you might see Joelle, the owner, in her workshop painting and realizing her creations.



Ristori: a really amazing chocolate and pastry shop. Passing in front of the window you can not do without cross the threshold and falling into temptations. Products, all artisanal, are of excellent quality and taste.


Bollicine D’Autore: Here you can taste the best champagne or fabulous wines accompanied with platters of cold cuts, cheese, fresh mozzarella, or oysters, caviar in a very nice ambience. Dario will be there for you to give you raccomandations on the most suitable pairings.


Enoteca Vanni: An institution for Lucca, where you’ll find a well-stocked cellar of fine wines, you will be spoiled for choice, where you will be well advised about food paring: excellent local salami and cheese.The tasting room is located inside the cellar, definitely a unique location with a strong traditional character.


Galleria Numero 38: is the perfect combo between contemporary art, food and wine. It is the ultimate art and food concept. Here you find everything you need to spend a stylish and unconventional night out.


Ristorante Il Giglio: and here you can breathe the scent of a good kitchen combined to history. Giglio has a very exceptional location! Environment 1700 located in one of the most beautiful squares of Lucca just across the Teatro del Giglio. Born in the 60’s it is part of the local culinary culture. The elegant environment of great charm, where you can taste traditional dishes and fresh homemade pasta. I raccomend sample the delicious Risotto alla Parmigiana with Chianti Classico.


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